Hilda Kleyn (The Netherlands) was born in Ghana in 1965. When she was 5 years old, she moved back to Holland with her family. After attending college, she went to the art academy in Amsterdam (now called Wackers Academie), graduating in 1988. In the same year she had her first exhibition in Eindhoven, the Netherlands, and many more have since followed. So far she has exhibited in Holland, Belgium, France, the United States, Germany and Italy.  Throughout the years, Hilda Kleyn has developed a strong and recognizable style. After her classical painting phase stemming from art school, her work became increasingly abstract. She has now completely let go of an identifiable subject. She finds true inspiration in the substance of the paint itself, in the actual material and its possibilities, and approaches the process in a purely visual way. Not being tied to a subject gives her full freedom, and makes the painting process more of a technical than an emotional one. The compositions are either colorful and dramatically expressive, where the paint is applied loosely and with free strokes, or they are made in a delicate and sober way, like monochromes, built up with just a few thin layers, using more or less one color. In both cases more acrylics than oil paint is used, but always combined. Lately Hilda has started using metallic paint, like silver and gold.Hilda Kleyn works on canvas and mainly uses a pallet knife. The sizes of her paintings vary from very small to very large, for example up to 180x180cm.After many solo and group exhibitions, participating in art fairs, receiving several awards and growing in international recognition, Hilda has developed into a successful, professional and happy artist. In Italy her paintings are particularly well received.  

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