Imbarcadero Rooms – Estense Castle – Ferrara, Italy
April 21 - 29, 2012

Liberated Dreams - International Art Exhibition
Organized by Trevisan International Art


As a curator who is happily immersed in contemporary art, I strongly believe that the emotional and intuitive aspect of a work of art has an extraordinary power.


It is this power that evolves from the unconscious (from the world of dreams) that gives us all spiritual strength, nourishment and hope. It occurred to me that it is the artist who must liberate his dream in order that we may liberate our own. This is the true power of art.


This exhibition will introduce to the public a group of brave innovative artists who create a sense of freedom carried forth by their ‘Liberated Dreams’.


The result will be a dynamic path of exciting sensations generated by the energy springing from their powerful pictorial marks, textures and chromatic vibrations.


Paola Trevisan

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